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May 28th, 2004

elfwench @ 09:28 am: A small blessing...
I was pleased last night, once I was done with reading, to go check on my husband and find that he'd already put on his CPAP, and I didn't have to wake him up to tell him to put it on. He'd gone to bed at 9:00, and had the CPAP on by 9:30.

That's one of my pet peeves, I feel like a baby sitter because he won't go to bed at a reasonable hour for someone who has to be up by 4:00 AM. He'll usually be in bed around 10:00, sometimes 11:00 if he is watching a movie on TV out here, and then he'll get involved in something on TV back there (or feel he must stay up to see the weather), and then he'll nod off before he finishes the show, minus the CPAP.

So I feel like a babysitter a lot of times, because he isn't fit to drive to work if he doesn't sleep with that on, so I don't feel I can go to sleep - whether I sleep in the bed or in the recliner (since usually I can't sleep in the same bed because of space issues - he's a big guy so when he lies on his back in his funeral position, hands on top of chest (his favorite sleeping position) he and his elbows take up more than half the queensized bed, and I tend to flail a lot, so I need at least half the bed for turning over space),- until I am assured he's settled in with the CPAP. So I'll stay up past the point that I feel the need to go to sleep just to assure he's got it on. And, there's always the one last cigarette he must have after I wake him up, so I'll sit and make sure he doesn't nod off with the cigarette in his hands.

But last night I got to sleep by 10:00 AM, and that's a goodness.

May 17th, 2004

elfwench @ 10:37 pm: First post... Welcome!
Being a wife of a man with severe obstructive sleep apnea, I decided to create a community just for spouses and significant others of those who have sleep apnea.


If you are a spouse of someone with sleep apnea, please join. If you have sleep apnea and have a spouse on LJ who would benefit, please feel free to refer them.

Feel free to pass this along on your friends list.

Welcome to apnea_spouses! I'm your owner/maintainer, and also the wife of lord_keeper, who has severe obstructive sleep apnea.

The normal "no flaming" rules apply. I don't think I need to spell them out.

My husband was diagnosed nearly two years ago. We've been together for 10 years, and in that time he always was a heavy snorer. As he gained more weight, his snoring got worse, and proceeded to gasping after periods of not breathing. It scared me, but it went on for years before he finally believed he had a problem.

He finally had to admit a problem when he started nodding off whenever bored, watching TV, or reading a book. Eventually it started interfering with his employment as he was nodding off on the job. He became moody and irritable and would argue with me over whether or not he was asleep. Before he was diagnosed, he even was falling asleep at stop lights.

We argued a lot prediagnosis. Now, he's like a different man. He uses a CPAP every night. Due to space restrictions since he's most comfortable on his back with the mask, I mostly sleep in the front room, but that's not a big adjustment since his snoring used to keep me awake.

Anyhow, that's my background. Luckily a lot of the problems have subsided now that he's using a CPAP. Unfortunately, he still mouth leaks a lot, and refuses to even try a chin strap. That's frustrating to me.

I look forward to hearing everyone's stories.


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morpheusnaptime @ 10:07 pm: Share Story Time

I am Eddy and I am 25 and not only am I a Dialysis Patient, but also sufferer from Sleep apnea. I had severe sleep apnea, it got worse the older I became.

I started to fight it with sleeping pills, I started feeling like a deranged Marlin Monroe. I will take two of these, five of these OOOoooo Benedryl, those look tasty, Loretab my favorite.

Well this did not help the sleep apnea, it just got where the meds did not affect it.

It became so bad that I no longer would sleep, except in Dialysis. I started passing out in conversations, and worse yet began hallucinating. Which trust me sucks!
I almost killed my girlfriend, when we driving. I passed out and hallucinated that she was bleeding. I grabbed her hands off the wheel, almost killed us both.

Finally, my dear doctor Paula Melton, sent me to a sleep center. I called my mom crying saying, how many machines at 25 do I need to be put on. Little Pity Party, not advised the presents suck.

Well I went to the sleep center and it looked a lot like a normal room, nice soft bed and all. It even had real sheets, not hospital stuff.

The stuck moniters from head to toe, glued them in my hair. Which was fun to get out of my hair. They tested my sleep and within 2 hours realized how bad my sleep apnea was. My blood oxygen levels droped down below 40% when they should stay up in the 90%

The decided to try out a full mask CPAP, within second I fell asleep like am baby and for 4 hours I stayed in REM. My body was so REM deprived that my body stayed in REM for as long as I slept.

If you have sleep problems I recomend you get a CPAP. I have never slept so well, the CPAP was better then any Teddy Bear, or Pill. I can now sleep soundly with no snoring.

That is my Sleep story, good luck.

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