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polkatrout @ 01:01 am: Any Suggestions?
Sleep Is NOT Overrated! If anyone has any suggestions, please help me help my husband!

Here's what I'm dealing with:

We have been married for 1+1/2 yrs. - dating for over a year previous to our marriage. Basically I have been familiar with his sleeping habits for almost 3 years.

Just for some background - he currently takes no medications (not even the occasional Tylenol or vitamin). No recreational drugs. He even cut out anything with caffeine in his diet - soda/coffee/excess sugar.

When we met, I knew he snored, but I figured I'd get used to it... I never did - hence this message.

In just the past year or so, we have changed beds, mattresses, rooms, snore sprays, work schedules, diets, etc., and his snoring has just become louder and scarier! His attention span and temper has become shorter and shorter until it is - I have come to believe at this point - NON EXISTENT! eek! He remembers NOTHING. I feel like I am living with and amnesia patient or someone with Alzheimer's! SERIOUSLY!

He does this whole "stop-breathing for 10 seconds" thing, and then jerks himself awake - which, in turn, wakes me up. I knew right away that he had sleep apnea, and it was getting worse! He didn't even believe he snored until I video taped it and showed it to him. Even though he was pissed, it got him to go to the doctor.

I finally convinced my husband to visit a sleep doctor guy - aka Pulmonary/Sleep Disorder Doctor. Now you have to understand, my husband absolutely DESPISES anything to do with any type of doctor, so to actually get him to attend not just one, but TWO sleep studies overnight was just a hair short of miraculous.

The first sleep study proved that he had sleep apnea and that he woke himself up at an average of 59 times per hour - that's like waking yourself up once per minute! Poor guy! I really feel for him! So the Doc said he has probably had this condition for WELL over a decade and that it has NOTHING to do with weight, mattress type, schedule, wife, etc.

So then the Doc suggested returning for another sleep study using the CPAP machine over his nose but told him it only had about a 30% chance of working on him. Discouraging already? How did he come up with 30%? Who knows? So after lots of persuasion, my hubby goes back again to the sleep study overnight with the CPAP machine over his nose, only to discover that it makes him terribly congested and choke on his own breathing. yuck. He sounded like he had pneumonia for two days after that! :(

So now the same Doc says that no surgery, medications, CPAP machine, or anything else will help him. He is not overweight either (which is often the case with Sleep Apnea supposedly). He is also only 36, and the Doc we went to told him he usually deals with men much older than him. I also know that multitudes of my husband's relatives also suffer from sleep apnea and know it, but do not seek any medical help, whereas my hubby is willing to do just about anything to beat this.

This is driving us both crazy because we can't even spend an entire night together in the same room - the snoring and tossing and turning keep me up all night. He is also ALWAYS tired. As soon as we come home from work, or have a day off together, he will just pass out. Renting a movie or watching TV together is totally out of the question - in ten minutes, no matter how fascinating the plot is, he is snoring away. I am also always scared if he is driving long distances that he may fall asleep at the wheel!

So what do we do? Does anyone have ANY suggestions? I know this explanation is soooooo long, but I am totally desperate, and my husband is completely depressed! I keep reading about CPAP machines, but clearly the one that just goes over his nose will not work. Did we just go to a crappy discouraging doctor, or is that the absolute truth after all of these tests? Are there any new drugs or studies out there that he could be a part of that could help? What surgery options are out there?

We have read so many articles, and I know he is so "tired" that he is ready to just give up and he just says he'll "never dream again". We have heard that sleep apnea can lead to all kinds of other health and heart problems, so if there is something we can do about it now, we are is willing to give it a shot.

Thanks! :) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


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Date:October 28th, 2005 06:34 am (UTC)
Your doctor is an ass. Find a better doctor NOW!!! Here's what untreated OSA did for/to me: Chronic Heart Failure, hypertension, kidney & liver function problems, chronic insomnia, weight gain, depression, RLS, edema in the legs & handa, memory loss, lack of energy, three "Cardiac Events", and a partridge in a pear tree. No, only kidding about the tree thing.

Cpap may not be effective, but there is also BiPAP and Auto-pap that SHOULD have been tested on your DH. In addition, there are a number of other methods that have various levels of effectiveness- from drastic roto-rootering of the throat and nasal passages (Don't do it), to installing posts and having his tongue wired forward (ditto- DON'T), to the drastic and disfiguring tracheotomy (I have one- it works).

Feel free to contact me with questions, this community doesn't look that busy, and you might need answers faster than this moves.

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