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elfwench @ 04:57 pm: Sleep Apnea Article
Remedy for Sleep Apnea Lifts Depressions Veil

The article discusses how many people who are being treated for depression actually have sleep apnea, and how the symptoms of sleep apnea versus depression overlap. Um, yeah, I could have told them that. The difference in lord_keeper between before the CPAP and afterward is like night and day. He was so withdrawn, surly, and depressed before hand. Before, he didn't care if he lived or died and even told me that he thought I'd be better off if he were dead. And, it was ruining our marriage as well. After his night in the sleep lab, he said he felt like a kid again, and that was just after one night! And once he started on his own CPAP, we were able to mend our marriage as his mood shifted.

The proof of a false Dx of depression is when the depression lifts after being treated for the sleep apnea, whether by surgery or CPAP, according to the article. Again, another "Duh!" for me, as I stated above. Not to say one Dx precludes the other, you can certainly have both sleep apnea and depression, but it would behoove many physicians to at least screen for symptoms of OSA and perhaps a trip to the sleep lab before prescribing antidepressants.

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