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singlemomga @ 01:23 pm: help, im a chicken but i know i have this
Ok, I seriously think I have sleep apnea. I wake up tons of times at night, to me it seems like I am coughing but I have been told by people who witness my sleep that I am gasping for air. I fall asleep whenever I get still, bored, when ppl are around, just the minute "I" stop doing something I will fall asleep. I even fall asleep at work, in meetings, driving..I mean I can feel it coming on, like all of a sudden I am "so" tired. I snore like a bear which is not very attractive for a 26 yr old single mom. I am obese and as I have put on more and more weight I think what used to just be a bad snoring problem has developed into sleep apnea. I am scared to get help though. I dont have a real support system at home. My mother and I fight constantly and after reading a few of the posts here, I wonder is it because of my lack of sleep. My mother lives with me in my house but she is very little to no support for me. In fact she makes fun of my sleeping condition. I know I should go and do a sleep lab and get diagnosed but who will watch my daughter for me to do this? Will my insurance pay for it? How much will be out of pocket for me? I am severely limited financially and with xmas coming up it scares me to spend any money. But can i afford NOT to get help? If I am diagnosed what will happen to me? will i be chained to some oxygen mask forever? I know something is wrong with me and I need help. I am afraid I am going to wreck one day after just passing out. Also I dont even remember that I fall asleep sometimes. Like ppl will be talking to me and they will be like, Mia, wake up and I will tell that that I am awake and they will say no you were snoring.. And I wont even remember it. Please offer advice if you have any..Thanks.


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Date:November 29th, 2004 07:13 am (UTC)
First, this is a group for spouses of people with sleep apnea. I'm the owner of the group, and my husband has severe obstructive sleep apnea. I know that there are certain frustrations that spouses of those with sleep apnea go through, since I go through them myself. You may find sleep_disorders better serves your purposes.

Second, go get yourself checked out. The CPAP makes a world of difference. What it is, is it forces air down your airway to keep it open. Not an oxygen mask because there's no oxygen tank involved. But there are also surgeries that can be done. So, see your doctor and get it checked out.

Not just because you'll have a better life of being awake once you are treated, but because the health risks of not getting it treated are too great. Heart attack and stroke risks are way higher with untreated sleep apnea. My husband had his blood pressure go down significantly once he started using a CPAP.

As to insurance, you need to check your insurance policy, but it should. You need to find someone to watch your daughter. But you cannot be a good mother to her if you are falling asleep all the time. Plus, if you wrecked because of falling asleep behind the wheel...

Just, please, do it for all concerned. I know it will help you, it will help everyone around you as their stress levels will go down.
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